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SCOTUS to review case of former offender convicted for posting “God is good” on facebook.
Read the briefs

SCOTUS provided a good decision in this case that says that the law prohibiting use of Facebook is unconstitutional.

But the best part of this decision is a little statement with a big message by justice Kennedy that says:

Of importance, the troubling fact that the law imposes severe restrictions on persons who already have served their sentence and are no longer subject to the supervision of the criminal justice system

Even better is that a federal district court in Colorado read that and included it in a favorable decision that found many things wrong with the Colorado SORA laws  Read that decision here

The very same day a favorable decision was released in Indiana that decided Indiana’s current SORA is ex-post-facto punishment and unconstitutional.  See it here: Wallace v. State 905 N.E.2d 371 – 378 (Ind. 2009)

The bad news is that both of those last two decisions have been appealed by the government to the next higher courts so we have to wait to see how they go but if the Packingham decision is any indicater, I think SCOTUS wants to set things right.

Scotus might hear the Michigan successful win and make it a nationally controlling decision and even the Solicitor General of the United States thinks the Michigan decision is a good decision declaring that Michigan’s SORA laws are unconstitutional.

Is this the tipping point?  I think it is.




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  1. I am begging you for help . I was arrested in 06’/07′ and then put on the NC sex offender registry in 09 . I completed 2 successful sex offender programs and a few weeks ago paid to have a sex offender evaluation in which I was a low risk offender.Recently I hired a lawyer to remove me and had a may court date . I am a single mom to a 13 yr old daughter who I homeschool due to her being bullied over my offender status. She has juvenile rhuamoid arthritis and other health problems so she needs me very much . Last Wednesday I was arrested in Taylorsville NC ( I live in Burke co NC) for visiting a boxing gym . I had pulled up , with my child and we walked inside . Then the cops slipped in the back employees only door and I then walked outside and was arrested in front of my child . The issue they said was not that I was at the boxing gym but rather that I was within 300 ft of a childcare facility.( Which I was not aware of ) I say this because the facility in question closes at 5pm and the boxing gym opens at 5:30 pm . The building they speak of has big writing that says family resource center and small letters saying head start underneath. The playground equipment is hidden by a 6ft wooden fence so of course I had no idea what the building was nor did any other gym members . The local cops themselves did not even know , I have proof they walked inside and had to ask the workers what the building was . I thought it was simply something like salvation army etc for families to get help with bills etc . The building is a federal government funded family based program by what I was able to Google online . I was not lotering I pulled up and went inside the gym for class and they came in behind me arrested me and said someone called about me being there . I feel like my rights as a citizen who’s already served my time ,not on parole or probation is being violated on many levels. I hired a local attorney Robert Campbell out of Taylorsville for the arrest. His cost has drained me dry but I also want to try to challenge this charge on every level I can .this is my life ,my child’s life and I am heartbroken thinking of the courts making me serve time and being ripped from my daughter . I am begging and pleading with you for any advice or guidance from human to human on how I could go about a lawsuit on a federal level and finding a lawyer that is willing to help me challenge NC on these too restrictive laws . I have lived this witch hunt for 15 yrs now and it makes me feel my life isn’t valuable and worth enough to keep living at times , but fighting for my child helps keep me alive . She by far has been punished by my crimes by not having a parent to do and go normal palaces with . Thank you from the bottom of my heart ,Wendy mathena 980-280-2008 .

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