Pending I-130 from 3 years


I came on F-1 visa to pursue my master’s degree, while I was studying I fall in love and got married during my opt.

Later my husband filed for my status of adjustment where I got to know our case comes under the Adam wash act and we responded to the Notice Of Intent To Deny.

It’s been two years since any update and during all this, I lost my F-1 as well.

Now I am in a situation where I don’t even know what’s happening or what I am doing because somehow it makes me struggle in my regular lifestyle. Where I don’t have any job or any way to visit my parents.

My parents are asking me to come back and I am struggling with myself to handle the situation.

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  1. Hey. Me too. The only difference is I haven’t told my parents because I don’t want to make them worried. Also I love my husband very much and I believe he’s changed since more than a decade ago. How are you now?

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