Pending I-130 from 3 years


I came on F-1 visa to pursue my master’s degree, while I was studying I fall in love and got married during my opt.

Later my husband filed for my status of adjustment where I got to know our case comes under the Adam wash act and we responded …

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Anna’s Story

My husband and I got married in June of 2016 and I received my conditional green card. I had to wait two years to prove that the marriage was bona fide and real and that I wasn’t married just to gain American status. In 2018 I received a letter advising …

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Imelda’s Story

My husband and I have been dating since the summer of 2011. We got married in the early part of 2016. For reasons of travel and family, we were married in my home country of the Philippines. He was convicted of one count of communicating an obscenity to a minor …

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Jay’s Story

I’m been dating someone for 2 years and I think she is the one. She comes to the US because she has a visiting visa. We want to get married but we are scared because of AWA Title IV. I can’t go to her country because they don’t accept people …

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E’s true story

In 2009 I was arrested for having less than 20 downloaded pictures of underage girls in my computer. My arrest was a symptom of my out of control life and drug problem that I have since corrected. I accepted full responsibility and decided to turn my life around. I have …

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Darrinos’ true story

I was arrested in 2003 for meeting an underage girl that I had met online. However, the “girl” was a Kansas police officer. I ended up spending 89 days in jail and was offered a plea bargain that I accepted. I was charged with Lewd and Lascivious Behavior, a non-person …

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