10 Years to life.

My mom was charged with a sex crime in the year 1996 in the State of Virginia. It was carnal knowledge of 13-15 years old. In 1996 that was considered a  crime that you need to register as a non-violent sex offender, two ore more convictions would turn that person into a violent sex offender. Both parties were willing and there was no force involved in the sex. I am not saying it was ok for it to happen, but it was not forced and both parties were ok with the sex. The plea deal included 5 years probation and 10 years on the sex offender registry. After 10 years she would be off and done. Because of AWA she was reclassified as a “Violent sex offender” and is now subject to life time registration, which was not a part of the agreement and when she was convicted it was only 10 years because of only one offense and nothing for over 21 years. Because of AWA, it doesn’t matter when the conviction happened or the risk of reoffense, it matters what the conviction is and that is it. It doesn’t matter that the person didn’t reoffend and is  proved that she isn’t a risk to public safety and that is what the court said 2 years ago.


1996: Carnal Knowledge of a minor 13-15 10  years on the registry if one conviction. Two or more convictions of Carnal Knowledge of a minor 13-15 makes you a violent sex offender, life time registration.


Post-AWA Carnal Knowledge of a minor 13-15 years is a violent offense if the victim and offender is are more than 4 years apart.

The same law is considered non violent if the victim and offender is closer to age less than 4 years.


How can they apply laws like this retroactively? When will people like my mom ever have a life again? She is no risk to public safety, why does the government and the public to   keep an eye on her? If their answer is to keep their family/kid safe, than she doesn’t need to be on there. She is no threat to anyone’s kids! The victim was a close friend of mine and to this day him and his family are friends with mine. This needs to end!


Mom charged with carnal knowledge of a 14 year old in Virginia. Was giving a plea bargain of 5 years probation and 10 years on the sex offender registry. At the date of conviction, she was required to register for 10 years. Laws changed down the road that reclassified her from "Sex Offender" to "Violent Sex Offender" and can no longer be removed.

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  1. .. In 1988′ was charged with unlawful consensual sex with a minor female over 14, and under 18 years of age .. I have no violence on my record

    In 2010′ I applied for a certificate of rehabilitation and was denied .. I returned a year later and to my delight it was granted the second time around .. This is a recommendation for a pardon

    To my surprise soon after,I learned that I would no longer have to register as a sex offender .. I was ecstatic to receive a letter from the department of justice relieving my requirement to register

    I am no longer a registered sex offender!

    I am in the process of an I-130 spousal visa for my beloved Filippina angel; but of course I have concerns .. I applied for the visa in July of 2016′, and just barely had my appointment for barometrics December 2017′

    I DID hire an attorney, and as far as I know we provided enough evidence to prove ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’

    I wonder if the fact that I managed to achieve what I did will weigh in my favor? God only knows what they are really looking for

    It’s all in God’s hands now .. All we can do is wait patiently and faithfully

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