If you think your passport is valid, read this.

This story comes with a request to share with those who might benefit from knowing.

Wanted to share an experience I recently had in the hopes that it would help someone. I recently tried to travel to Haiti on a missions trip for my church. I made it all the way to customs at the airport and was immediately placed back on the flight and told I had to return to the US with no reason why.

I couldn’t figure out why other than my record but didn’t think that Haiti was one of the countries that limited me from entering, plus they had said at customs that it was the US embassy, not the Haiti government that was stopping me. That’s why they couldn’t tell me why.

Soon I received a letter stating that my passport had been revoked because it did not have the special “scarlet letter” (my phrase not theirs) placed on it indicating that I was convicted of a sex offense. The letter stated that I must return my passport immediately and apply for a new one with the phrase on it in accordance with the new law.

Needless to say, I am beyond frustrated that they waited not only until I tried to travel but also that I wasted time and money on flying all the way to Haiti before they told me I couldn’t use the passport. I’m also frustrated that I wasn’t allowed to enter on a temporary basis, they could have just told the Haiti government my conviction and let them decide. Other than that phrase I had a completely valid passport and even used it to travel 18 months ago.

I wanted to share this so that other people with a record and an otherwise valid passport don’t try to travel and waste their time and money like I did. I would advise anyone with a record like mine wanting to travel internationally to apply for a new passport right away.



  1. I just returned from a trip to Hong Kong to visit my wife upon return while processing through immigration my passport was confiscated. I luckily did not get denied entry into Hong Kong but may have just barely missed the cut off line.

    Sad that we are now no better than Nazi Germany marking our citizens passports.

  2. I just returned from a trip to Hong Kong to visit my wife. Upon return my passport was taken from me in immigration and I was informed it had been revoked. I guess I got lucky that I was not refused entry in Hong Kong.

    It’s sad the day the USA is no better than Nazi Germany to their Undesirable citizens.

  3. I have shared this story at NARSOL and think it needs to added here…

    I have lived in SE Asia for 15 years. Last month, I needed to make a trip back to the US to deal with my last parent’s estate. I was denied boarding an Asian carrier here and transit in Seoul. Not told why, only suggested that I find another carrier and another route.

    I am married here (will have to add that story on another page) for eleven years. I am on an annual retirement visa. Part of the renewal process for that will be going to the local US Consulate. I’m anxious (to say the least) about what will happen. If I wait until a couple days before I go to local immigration to get my new year-long visa, the consulate won’t have time to confiscate my old passport and issue a new one before the deadline for my renewing a visa to stay here. I might also not be able to go to a nearby country to this country’s embassy outside to start a visa as this country’s immigration sometimes stipulates.

    This whole situation has gone beyond ridiculous and absurd.

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