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Hey all,

I apologize that I have not written for some time. As we all know, the life of a registrant is a bit inconsistent at times and it’s kind of hard to have any real stability as we rush from issue to issue, putting out fires.

That being said, I want to encourage everyone to help out with this page and specifically, this post. We all read study after study that shows that recidivism is low for registrants, and that the registry is largely ineffective. PLEASE… when you find a study like this, SEND IT, POST IT, SHARE IT. This goes for me, too. I want to build a resource so we can all go to one place and find the information that we need.

It doesn’t matter if it’s about the Adam Walsh Act, the International Megan’s Law, or just SORNA in general… please post it here on this website. Wherever you share it, I’ll find it and get it put in it’s place. I think it will help as we try to get the truth out. As long as people continue to believe the lies, nothing will ever change. We have the truth and we must be the messengers.

Thank you!



    • Women against registry for women only or for both men and women?

      How many female and male teachers had sex with minor (such as “rapist of a child”)?

      How many femaleand male are qualified to apply for “first time offender wavier”?

      In men studies found 91% sexual violence and 9% rape. Oddly, in our static that women are not in rape static report. Only men. Those female teacher had sex with minor are not called rape, not until new law 2013 define of rape that mean including women the rapist.

      I use math figure yearly report on 2010 NISVS/CDC, instead of using lifetime report also I including whole instant rape alone where it easy to excluding women.

      overall sexual violence in 2010….
      NISVS/CDC 2010 Report
      Overall Sexual violence VICTIMS are….
      1 in 9 ???? victim
      1 in 10 ???? victim

      From who….
      1 in 9 ???? victims from
      91% ???? & 9% ????
      1 in 10 ???? victims from
      21% ???? & 79% ????

      Overall Sexual violence ABUSERS are…
      56% ???? abuser
      44% ???? abuser

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