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Hey all,

I apologize that I have not written for some time. As we all know, the life of a registrant is a bit inconsistent at times and it’s kind of hard to have any real stability as we rush from issue to issue, putting out fires.

That being said, …

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10 Years to life.

My mom was charged with a sex crime in the year 1996 in the State of Virginia. It was carnal knowledge of 13-15 years old. In 1996 that was considered a  crime that you need to register as a non-violent sex offender, two ore more convictions would turn that person …

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Putting Trump’s Travel Ban and IML into Perspective

It’s been just over one week since Trump’s Travel Ban targeted certain immigrants and global citizens.  For those who followed this act day by day, it was very tumultuous week.  During the first few days, foreign green card holders and visa holders were instantly deported back to the country where …

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Black Mirror and Roaches

It was so terribly cold this past weekend, so after watching my NFL team lose not only a game but also their hold on first place in the division, I decided to watch a newly found series that I’ve become addicted to on Netflix: Black Mirror

If you haven’t seen …

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